Sondheim Steering Committee

The Sondheim Steering Committee formed in fall of 2018 when a groups of Scholars decided they wanted to play a more active role in the program. The committee was born with the goals of promoting inter-cohort bonding and increasing Sondheim Scholars’ understanding of policy and Baltimore City. The group meets biweekly to plan movie nights, game nights, and other events. The Steering Committee’s most notable accomplishment has been creating an annual student-led retreat for Sondheim Scholars. The committee is an active part of the Sondheim Program, and it welcomes all Sondheim Scholars to join us in helping to develop a closer community and promoting increased knowledge of Baltimore City and public policy.


2021-2022 Executive Board

Poushali Banerjee, Chair

Halle Gordon, Vice Chair

Brevin Franklin, Secretary/Treasurer


Halloween Pumpkin Carving Social 2021 

Sondheim Steering Committee members planned and organized a Halloween themed pumpkin carving social event for their fellow students. Check out the fun!