Cameron Walkup


Cameron is driven by his desire to contribute to environmental conservation, and he has pursued several meaningful opportunities as a Sondheim Scholar and UMBC student. As a freshman, Cameron volunteered with the Lakeland’s Young Explorers after-school STEM program in Baltimore City and studied abroad in Costa Rica with UMBC Geography and Environmental Systems faculty. As a sophomore, Cameron served as a full-time legislative intern with Democratic Staff of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources in Washington, D.C. Cameron is currently interning with the Washington, D.C.-based environmental law firm Earthjustice, and this summer, he will participate in the Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program at Northern Arizona University.

In Cameron’s words: “Being a part of a community of peers striving to enact positive change has been the most valuable part of the Sondheim Scholars Program. Whether it is through working in government, leading protests and marches, or volunteering in Baltimore, every Sondheim is on a constant pursuit to serve and better their community. Belonging to this group is inspiring, empowering, and challenges me to make a greater impact with every action I take. Another major part of my experience as a Sondheim has been the steadfast advice, guidance, and support I have received from my peers and the professional staff. I have always been able to discuss thoughts or concerns, regardless of their nature, with my fellow Sondheim Scholars and the program’s advisors. Their counsel and encouragement has given me the confidence to think big and take on opportunities which I never would have thought of before.”

After UMBC, Cameron plans to pursue further education in law and environmental studies, and eventually work in government or the non-profit sector to promote environmental conservation.