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Deadline: The completed Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars application and supporting materials must be submitted by January 15.

Before applying to the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program, students must first submit an application for undergraduate admission to UMBC. Once a student receives a UMBC ID#, the student can log into the Scholarship Retriever system to submit the Sondheim application. *Important note: Click on the black “Sign In” button in the top right corner of the page to log into Scholarship Retriever.

To ensure timely application processing, we recommend that all Sondheim Scholars applicants apply to UMBC by the early action admissions deadline of November 1.

After applying to UMBC, candidates for the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program complete a separate scholarship application.

The scholarship application requires the following:

  1. Responses to two short answer questions:  a.  Describe a significant and meaningful public service experience you have had.  Examples may include serving the community through volunteer work, taking a leadership role in an organization or club, or other relevant experience. Relate the public service experience to your life currently and in the future. b. What are your educational and career goals?
  2. Two letters of recommendation, preferably one from a high school teacher and the other from someone who knows the student well outside of school.
  3. Resume
  4. Writing sample: Write an essay (maximum 3 pages, double spaced) on a serious policy problem facing the United States or world. Why does this problem concern you, and what do you think should be done about it? Please provide a list of principal sources you cite.

Finalists are invited to Scholar Selection Day, where they learn more about the program, meet current Sondheim Scholars, and participate in an interview.


Important Dates 2021-2022

August 1, 2021: Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars application goes live online

November 1, 2021: UMBC early action admissions deadline

January 15, 2022: Original deadline to apply for the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program

January 22, 2022:  Extended deadline to apply for the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholarship

Late January/early February 2022: Finalists are invited to interview for the program on Scholar Selection Day

February 1, 2022: UMBC regular decision admissions deadline

March 5, 2022: Scholar Selection Day (Virtual)

Late March 2022: Selected students are invited to join the Sondheim Scholars Program

May 1, 2022: Final deadline to accept an invitation to join the program



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