Bronze statue of Mr. Walter Sondheim for whom the Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars program is named. There is a bench with a quote from Mr. Sondheim, flowers and a brick wall
Statue of Walter Sondheim on the UMBC campus

Sondheim Public Affairs Scholars Program is open to academically strong students of any major who demonstrate a strong interest in public issues and/or policy.

Students are selected based on the strength of their written application, academic background, letters of recommendation, and impression made in an interview.

The application is judged based on how well the interests, aptitude, and other qualities students demonstrate align with the Sondheim Program’s mission and suggest the student’s likelihood of thriving in the Program. The selection committee looks at the depth and breadth of community experiences, such as in leadership, volunteer work, and/or activism, and for signs of interest in and awareness of public problems and issues. It assesses the student’s skills at critical thinking, research, and writing, especially through the policy essay submitted with the application. The selection committee also considers the student’s high school academic record and indicators of the student’s potential to succeed academically at UMBC.

For first year application questions, visit the UMBC Undergraduate Admissions page: https://undergraduate.umbc.edu/first-year-students/