Class of 2020: Ricky Warnick

Ricky Warnick

As a graduate of Eastern Tech’s Law & Public Policy Program, Ricky arrived at UMBC with many interests and ideas for his future. Ricky considered majors in Political Science, German, Psychology, and History. He considered becoming a psychologist to serve veterans, becoming a lawyer, or becoming a historian. Ultimately, Ricky chose to major in history, a field of study he loves. Ricky has shown great persistence and dedication to improving his writing and in-depth learning about social history during World War II.

This summer, Ricky plans to work at his family’s store. In the fall, he will begin his master’s degree in Library Sciences at the University of Maryland, College Park. After completing his master’s degree, Ricky plans to pursue a career as a law librarian.

What are you most proud of from your time at UMBC?

I am proud of how far my writing skills have progressed.  and this culminated in my research course last semester. Last semester, in my history research course, I created a well-researched, well-written study into the lives of firefighters during the Blitz on London. My writing skills will allow me to progress farther into my career.

What is your most memorable public service experience as a Sondheim Scholar?

My most memorable experience was my time with SUCCESS. It was great to work with the students of the program to teach them practical skills so that they can work towards living on their own. That is a fantastic goal and I loved working with the students to help them towards that goal.

What was your favorite Sondheim event?

My favorite Sondheim event was when we worked with Blue Water Baltimore to plant trees in Cherry Hill Park in Baltimore City. It was hot that day and there was a lot of manual labor and I loved it. It reminded me of my conservation work with the Boy Scouts. It was an event where we made a physical impact and those are the events I enjoyed the most.

What is an important thing you learned about yourself at UMBC?

The most important thing I learned about myself while at UMBC is that you really learn what your true interests are in college. While in high school you may believe you know who you are, but you really learn that while in college. While at UMBC my love of history has flourished along with my appreciation of law. I hope to combine these interests in my career choice and I would not have found it without UMBC.

What’s an important thing you learned about the world beyond campus while you were a student at UMBC?

I learned how many different viewpoints there are on any number of topics. These varying viewpoints have helped change and shape my outlook on the world and has helped me to get a better understanding on how policy, both past and present, can affect different people in different ways.