Class of 2020: Madeline Ross

Madeline Ross

Madeline shows a remarkable openness to pursuing unique opportunities and challenging herself to contribute to the community – both the UMBC community and the community beyond campus. As a first year student, Madeline bravely shared a story at the Sondheim Scholars’ Stoop Storytelling show in front of an audience of over 100 people. During her four years at UMBC, Madeline has been deeply involved with the Center for Democracy & Civic Life, she has interned with the Maryland Department of Housing & Community Development through the Governor’s Summer Internship Program, and she has been inducted into Phi Beta Kappa and the Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honor Society in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement. In addition, Madeline is the recipient of the 2020 Department of Political Science Award for Outstanding Scholar-Leader and a 2020 recipient of the Honors College’s Community Service Award.

After graduation, Madeline plans to pursue a career in public service. She is currently searching for a job in the nonprofit or government sector, and within the next five years she plans to pursue graduate education in public policy.

Here are a few of Madeline’s thoughts from her time as a UMBC Sondheim Scholar:

What are you most proud of from your time at UMBC? 

I am most proud of my time as a co-leader of the Re-Housing Alternative Spring Break experience (March 2019) at UMBC. While I participated in the Seeing Baltimore Alternative Spring Break experience my freshman year, co-leading a trip provided me with new insights and responsibilities. I enjoyed getting to engage and work with stakeholders (nonprofits, government agencies, individuals) in the Baltimore area, who are working to address homelessness from many different perspectives.

What is your most memorable public service experience as a Sondheim Scholar?

During my sophomore year, I served as a peer with the SUCCESS program at UMBC. The SUCCESS program was Maryland’s first and only four-year college program for adults with intellectual disabilities. As a peer, I supported program participants when engaging in classroom activities. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone involved in SUCCESS, and learning about their passions, dreams, and goals for the future.

What was your favorite Sondheim event?

My favorite Sondheim event was in the Fall of sophomore year (Fall 2017) when we did our Sondheim Day of Service with Playworks. I really enjoyed being able to paint a blacktop/playground area. It was both a creative activity (and a beautiful day outside) as well as something that helped me to bond with other Sondheim Scholars. This service also helped to enhance the recess experience for many young children, which I really loved.